Leslie Comar and her team have consistently delivered top-quality candidates, both temporary and permanent, under the most unreasonable of time frames. The agency has played an invaluable role in assisting with the growth of our organization and I could not be more pleased with its professional and enthusiastic approach.

SBE Entertainment Group LLC

The Comar Agency has a culture of total responsiveness to clients. It’s almost startling how quickly they call you back with results when you place an order! Their total professionalism is very evident in the quality of the temps they send out – fast is good, but fast and effective and the right fit are the best. We are believers in the Comar Agency.

Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

Whenever I have a short term or long term temp request, they (The Comar Agency) are always there. They respond quickly, with great detail, and with excellent service. I’ve been very happy with their services for almost 5 years. Thanks for always providing us with quality candidates!


We are a talent management and Production Company located in Beverly Hills and have had the great pleasure of working with Comar for the last 8 years. The service they provide is top notch. They are always accommodating and always have a solution for us. We never worry when we have to call Comar, even with a dire emergency of needing someone right away!

3 Arts Entertainment

You know what my schedule is like- I don’t have time to review a stack of resumes before choosing an employee. You’ve always been gracious to offer me that service, but you understand how the entertainment industry works- It’s wonderful to have the level of trust and know that you send me quality people. Thanks again for many years of amazing service.

John Wells Productions

The Comar Agency provides us with exemplary service as well as qualified and skilled individuals who are knowledgeable in the music industry for smooth transitions.

Maverick Records

The Comar Agency has come through for us on the recruitment front on so many occasions. They appear to have the best stable of candidates in town. When we call upon Comar for help, they provide us with qualified candidates in a timely fashion. The quality of these candidates, from their experience to their education to their overall professionalism, is top notch. The Comar Agency makes the entire recruitment process a seamless one. We have relied on The Comar Agency for temporary professionals as well as executive team members.

The Firm


To add some context, I am a recently separated veteran and had no idea how the “real world” operates. I’ve been involved with Comar Agency for a couple of months now. Leslie has been amazing to work with! I love her openness and honesty. It’s tough to navigate through all of the craziness a job search can bring on, but Jenny and Leslie were patient and very knowledgeable. They also follow up with questions quickly, and I felt like I could come to them at any time with any concerns, which I did quite a few times. Leslie and Jenny were understanding and I never felt like a nuisance. I am most appreciative of their perseverance and support of my goals. That’s definitely a rare find in Los Angeles! If you’re looking for work and feeling the pressures to find the right job, give yourself an even better chance and call Comar Agency!

Michelle D., Los Angeles, CA

Leslie and Jenny are an incredible team. They’ve been a guiding force in my career, and I am so grateful to them for always taking the time to answer my questions and discuss opportunities with me.

Candace C., Studio City, CA

I had some positive work experience, but needed help getting to that next step. The Comar Agency connected me to my absolute dream job!  It has been better than anything I could have imagined. I am truly grateful to the Comar Agency and have recommended them to others.

Karen C., West Hollywood, CA

Leslie Comar launched my career. Leslie sent me to an interview for an assistant position in Aaron Spelling’s office.  I got the job.  Aaron was my mentor for the next 12 years as I climbed the corporate ladder.  I ran Current Programming for my last two years at Spelling before being promoted to VP of Current Programs at CBS/Paramount.  After being at CBS/Paramount for over two years, I started my own company, Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., a consultancy for writers designed to get them to the next step in their careers.  I am happier than I’ve ever been.  It all started with Leslie.  She trained me, she believed in me and she opened the door to my future.

Jen Grisanti

Comar is by far the best industry agency out there. I have registered with quite a few and none of them have ever worked as fast or as efficiently as you all do when making a placement. Your placement people are always accurate with job description. I’ve never been told that I’ll be doing one thing before I get to a site, and then assigned a completely different role/task after arrival. Leslie runs a very family friendly establishment, and believe you me, that makes a heck of a difference to a temp. Thank you for always being on time with my paychecks and always being available whenever I have a question or concern. Now, in case you did not know this, I am screenwriter. And one day when I’m on that stage at the Kodak theater giving my acceptance speech, Comar is going to get the biggest shout out of all time! Thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!

Crystal Moore

The Comar Agency gave me the break I needed to get into the entertainment industry. They took a chance on me and this chance landed me a full time position with a great company. I was with MTV for almost 5 years and now work at Activision. Thank you Comar for seeing something in me that I didn’t necessarily see in myself at the time.

Ju Shim, Human Resources, Activision

I have been working as an executive assistant in the entertainment field in excess of 20 years, and since their inception, Comar has placed me in some of my favorite jobs, and it has always been a pleasure working with them. The Comar agency is simply one of the most valuable resources an assistant in Los Angeles could possibly have.

Anita Ferry, Personal Assistant to Matthew McConnaghey

No sooner had I reached my car after interviewing with Leslie Comar, did I receive a phone call from her office with a position at a major production company that was perfectly suited to my skills and interests. I started the following Monday and quickly received a permanent offer. I can not say enough nice things about The Comar Agency and would recommend them to anyone searching for a quality position in entertainment.

Kat Schotthoefer, Executive Assistant

I really appreciate how you and your staff treat me – it’s evident you treat everyone that way! When I read your mission statement online awhile ago – noticing that you emphasized treating everyone with respect etc., you AND your staff live up to that standard each time I am in contact with your agency…Many thanks to you and your staff.

Dawn C. Olson, Executive Assistant